austriamicrosystems' integrated color sensor enables new intelligent display management

ams TMD3782 digital sensor optimized for mobile devices with integrated ambient light, color and proximity sensing 21ic News Austriamicrosystems announced today the launch of the industry's first integrated ambient light, color (RGB) and proximity sensors. The sensor is optimized for applications covered by black glass, leading the way for smart display applications in mobile devices. The TMD3782 optical module is ideal for smartphones and tablets. The sensor integrated in the module can sense the intensity and color of ambient light, so that the mobile device can automatically adjust the color and brightness of the display to bring users the best visual experience and reduce energy consumption. Today, high-resolution displays have become the standard for mobile devices. A display's ability to provide accurate color and proper brightness under a range of different light sources, including fluorescent, incandescent and sunlight, is an important factor in judging it. The TMD3782's on-chip filters reduce the effects of ultraviolet and infrared rays, allowing the display to adjust to light levels, improving the overall accuracy of light intensity and color perception. The overall improvement of the user's viewing experience under different lighting conditions will give mobile device manufacturers new ways to engage consumers. TMD3782 can perceive light like the human eye, enabling more complex brightness and color control of the display. The combination of ambient light and color perception will bring mobile devices better display colors and a superior visual experience in various lighting environments. Darrell Benke, senior marketing manager for optical sensor products at Austriamicrosystems, said: "Manufacturers' choice of TMD3782 reflects the growing trend of intelligent display management in smartphones and tablets. Consumers will choose to automatically adjust the color and brightness of the display to bring The device for the best viewing experience.” The TMD3782 includes sensors for ambient light, color and proximity sensing, infrared LEDs and an optical lens, and its 3.9 x 2.4 x 1.4mm dimensions are ideal for mounting on dense and compact circuit boards commonly found in mobile devices. The integrated proximity sensor can be used to simplify the user interface of the product, such as controlling the switch of the touch screen function on the smartphone. The device's integrated proximity sensor also eliminates false ambient light sensing from the tablet by sensing that the user's hand or finger blocks the light from the sensor. The factory-set proximity sensing distance is 100 mm, which eliminates the need for recalibration by OEMs, greatly simplifying the production process of end products. The photodiodes of the TMD3782 sensor are arranged in a ring structure so that there is a consistent response to light coming from any direction. The sensor also provides a wider 45-degree viewing angle for more accurate measurement of ambient light. An interrupt can be sent to the processor when the light measurement value or the color measurement value exceeds a preset threshold, thereby avoiding the need for continuous polling of the processor, reducing power consumption of the entire system, and extending battery life. Supply The TMD3782 optical sensor module is now in volume production. Technical Support An evaluation kit for the TMD3782 is available online. For more information, visit www.ams.com/Color-Sensor/TMD3782.





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